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Ecoreponsable Event policy statement

Policy Statement

Organizing Environmentally Responsible Events

The mission of BOMA Quebec is to train, inform and represent building owners and managers. A fourth objective is to position itself as a leader in building management, constantly attuned to innovation and sustainable development practices.

In order to better meet the expectations of its members interested in minimizing any negative impacts of their activities on the natural and human environment, BOMA Quebec is committed to organizing environmentally responsible events, taking the following aspects into consideration:

  1. Encourage the use of meeting, conference and event sites that follow rigorous green energy policies;

  2. Encourage the use of meeting, conference and event sites that adhere to responsible water management practices;

  3. Apply the 4R strategy (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Recover);

  4. Pay special attention to reducing transportation-based greenhouse gas emissions;

  5. Study various avenues available for establishing enduring links with the community, such as encouraging partnership enterprises.

BOMA Quebec will pursue the abovementioned policies by drafting a well-documented strategy for its members and employees. That strategy will serve as a guideline for BOMA Quebec event organizers in applying environmentally responsible policies.

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